Just pizza. And so much more.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Who obviously loves pizza. But what is not that obvious on the picture is something else. She wandered around in her hometown for weeks, wondering over and over again if she could dare and how she would feel if she was able to finally do it.

It took her quite a while to convince herself, to pick a restaurant that would suit and would not be that hard to do what she intended to. Fearing weird looks or to get lost a bit in loneliness, she postponed that day on and on, somehow caught in a fight with herself. But one day, the time was right.

So she just left work on one evening, jumped onto the tram to the city center and entered the restaurant. Picked up this going-to-be-delicious pizza, took a photo of it (there we are, obvious again), sat down and ate it up even without being in a hurry.

She noted that it took her 26 years of her life to not only dare herself to do that, but – and this was far more important to her – to have that wish to be able to. This experience she gained in March 2016 was so great that she consequently repeated it whenever she fancied.

And yes, she earned weird looks, sometimes puzzled staff as well as other people just coming by and picking up their food in order to avoid what she finally managed to accomplish: To experience the huge difference between loneliness and solitude which lead to do what she did –

To just go and enjoy dinner in a restaurant all by herself.


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