Florida fever

September 2013 – another trip due to the USA, this time: Florida. Cheaper flights than to California and going to the same part of such a huge country for the 3rd time seems a bit … limited. So yay let’s go for a tropical climate this time. Just without mosquitos.

So let’s start with a few absolute cliché pictures about Miami and what you see when you drive around in your over-sized SUV.


Driving north of Miami, first stop was Cocoa Beach. Oh and if you visit in September, make sure to be prepared for the tropical afternoon rain (not comparable to anything you can experience in Europe!! Umbrella not needed as no use…)

Made our way to Cape Caneveral to see the space shuttle, rockets of all kinds and to get into the spacy stuff which was way more interesting than I expected tbh. American history 😉

Next stop in line were Springfield and Hogwards / Hogsmeade in Universal Studios / Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Though the absolut tourist-magnet, I strongly recommend it, especially if you are the European traveller. What the US guys are capable of when it comes to those kinds of leisure park, is beyond compare to any European standards. Do go to Europapark (in Germany) definitly before coming here!!

Off to west coast next – beautiful beaches, whiter sand than at the Atlantic coast and much warmer water. Looks a bit like the Baltic Sea cost in my opionion (see my Germany posts).

Next: Crocodile farm. These lovely guys came to be fed. As far as I could see, the conditions they’re kept in are okay. All that they do for entertainment is to feed a few times a day with giant dead rats.


We made all our way down to Key West after this. I can so much recommend going there, the drive is really extraordinary (make sure you like lots, lots of water). And welcome the little visitors that join you at the pool ❤

Also of course we took the opportunity to get this photo before emerging in the lovely orchid gardens. At night, Key West old quarter is pretty. If you look for the right place, insert Hard Rock Café Key West in your navi and it will take you to the street you were probably looking for.

Overall: Florida is a really nice place if you look for some vibrant cities (Miami), nice beaches (Cocoa beach and west coast), one or two days pure touristy fun (Universal Studios Orlando), a funny animal encounter (Alligator farm near Tamiami trail) and a smooth chilly athmosphere (Key West). This is why I like the US very much for vacation as you can get to enjoy so many different things.


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