Top 10 Asia pics

Again a selection of great pictures from all around Asia. Enjoy!

Top 10 camera (8)

#1: Taipei 101 in the rising twilight.


Top 10 camera (10)

#2: Temple in Kaohsiung, South of Taiwan from an unsual perspective.


Top 10 camera (1)

#3: Sunset near Seoul Tower in South Korea with trees covering Seoul.


Top 10 camera (6)

#4: Yu Garden in Shanghai with white, blue and dark grey mix in the sun.


Top 10 camera (3)

#5: Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, bright and vibrant color combination.


Top 10 camera (9)

#6: Taipei Botanical Garden as a quick escape from the city. I really like the colorful reflection on the lake.


Top 10 camera (4)

#7: Way to Taroko National Park, North-East of Taiwan. Finally sunshine and the sea so close, just pretty.


Top 10 camera (2)

#8: Sun Moon Lake with Pagoda – with the reed in the front and mountain layers in the background.


Top 10 camera (7)

#9: Yu Garden in Shanghai – love the light here on the tiny flowers (you might have noticed that I like flowers).


Top 10 camera (5)

#10: Pagoda in Taroko National Park. I really enjoyed the mountain layers and the light in this very moment.

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