Hong Kong rocks!

My first glimpse of Asia in December 2014. Whereas I was told multiple times that this is not the real Asia, just a „light“ version.

Well yeah no matter what, this city was really stunning in so many ways! A fairly new dimension for the European traveller and fascinating to see!


1. Victoria Peak for sure – even with a taxi or bus instead of the crowded train

2. Go into a local restaurant BUT make sure you get your meat without bones (I was told to do that for whole Asia except of when you order Beijing Duck or dumplings).

3. Lights on the other side – look from Kowloon to HK island – or via the ferry in 4:

4. Take the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong island or vice versa. Impressive views and really easy to do.


5. Plan some time to spend in one of the parks – as a former British colony they are really good in gardening! If you have time, consider going to Chi Lin Nunnery (close to a tram stop) and to Nan Lian Garden right next to it. Amazing views!


As I am writing this 3 years later, let me focus primarily on pictures instead of text.

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