Summertime Sydney

When I write this now, I still cannot believe that I did it: I HAVE BEEN TO AUSTRALIA!! I know lots of people have been but in my mind, this country was so so so far away and almost impossible to ever go there. I made it and if I get enough time from the universe, I will surely enough go there again. So this time, it was just a quick city trip to Sydney.

And yes, the opera does really exists. I was fortunate enough to see a great performance of „La Bohème“ in this crazy building. Enjoying life to the fullest.


I can really recommend to take the ferry and to go to Manly Beach. Such a sweet area with lovely white sand (pics: beach and ferry to it).

Without getting too political: Je suis Charlie – toujours.

Opera at night with full moon – I know I should work on my photo quality but this is in process. Until then I enjoy the blurry moon picture, the overview over the fantastic city and parrots in parks.

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