Travels in 2017

I’m a big fan of travel planning. Some friends even are of the opinion that I enjoy planning my trips much more than actually doing them BUT this is not the case I can say. Still, they do have a point because I am usually spending significantly more time on planning than on executing my trips. In fact, there is rarely a day I do not think of where to go, what to do there, how to even improve my itinerary, to go for an upgrade somewhere or even to updating my couchsurfing page a bit.

Yeah. Right. I’m definitly addicted and this is why I’ve already planned out my whole 2017 (aaaaand as the true addict, also 2018. Haha, just kidding. Would be ridicolous to plan such a long time ahead as I even don’t know if I am still alive in 2018…so yeah just kidding.)

So this is my itinerary for 2017 (90% fixed; you will find blog posts hopefully right after the trip on here. Good motivation!)

January – London, UK (second addiction right after travelling in general) with my Dad

February – Taipei, Taiwan (off to work until May) going solo

February – Seoul, Korea (work as well but including a great weekend there with a friend of mine – local people rock!)

March – Shanghai, China (work again and much more work even as I am still executing the visa.. will use for my weekend there)

March / April – Tokyo, Japan (let’s guess.. yes, work but a very nice colleague of mine plans to introduce me to cherry blossom season…)

April – Taiwan road trip (looks amazing on the pics) again with my Dad

May – SEA trip starting in Singapore (infinity pool here I come!!) going to Bangkok, Angkor Wat to Vietnam ending in Hanoi (vacation this time, solo again)

June – London, UK (as crazy solo traveller who bought a theatre fangirl ticket)

July – Landgraaf, the Netherlands (spending a few nights in one of the most bloomy hotels I’ve ever been to ) with dear friends

November until January 2018 – New Zealand tour (6 weeks of pure bliss to return to this country which is so much more than just middle earth – with me, myself & I).


Sounds like a plan? Still thinking to squeeze in some more adventures like a quick trip to Kota Kinabalu or Cebu when in Taiwan .. just cannot get enough. Never ever.



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