Highlights NZ Tour

Back from 2015.

Amazing what…? Yes, Aotearoa. This is Maori and means „country of the long white cloud.“ As you probably have figured, this is New Zealand. Quick background: For reasons I do not understand myself, this has been my ultimative travel goal for years. I imagined this country as sort of paradise which it turned out to be! but a bit different from what a naive German girl expected.

Hence, I totally fell in love. And yes, in Dec 2017 I will travel there again because you cannot see all this astonishing beauty in only 3 weeks time. For my next trip, I planned 6 weeks and even that is actually much too few time. But yeah make the best of it. So here you see a few impressions that was able to gain from a 3 weeks fast travel.


Okay I see it – partly it is still middle earth and will always be. Don’t skip this touri thing, it’s so much more than you see in this picture.

A few clichée pictures for this country. Yes, it is all true. And then you have to stop the car because sheeps rule the streets, not humans. Love it!

Cathedral cove / coromandel. I wasn’t aware that such beauty exists. Now I am and I cannot wait to go back and see it again.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing and sourroundings. Astonishing as long as you bring good shoes (it’s not called Alpine because they recommend to walk in flipflops.)

This country is destined for horseback riding! This pretty stallion is called Rio and he is fantastic, especially without using a saddle.

Abel Tasman National Park. The 3 days we spent there were beyond compare and captured on these photos is only a tiny part of the colorful beaches.


Also don’t skip the helicopter glacier hike (either Franz Josef or Fox – this was on Fox glacier).

And then… there was Milford Sound. Where the traveller realizes his own tiny small place and meaning in the great logic of all the universe. Even when I remember this after 3 years, I feel tears in my eyes. Take a overnight boat trip for an amazing sunset and sunrise.

The lakes on South Island – lake Pukaki and Tekapo. Will return definitly soon.

Last but not least – crazy intelligent ad & Sarah in Cadbury-paradise.

Please realize this is only a very very small part of this great country. This trip was truely life-changing to me. Just one word: GO!

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